Artist’s Statement and Statement of Technique

My impressionist work

My landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes are created by applying pastels onto a sanded colored ground which creates an additional textural and color element to the painting helping to unify the piece and create a harmonious balance.

Whether a wild and untamed landscape; or a landscape nurtured and created by human intervention; or the towering beauty of a city skyline – these subjects hold for me a different fascination and entirely different challenges in composition and in the interplay of color and light.

My impressionist paintings are borne of my initial reaction to color and shape in the environment; it might be an unexpected, vibrant splash of color; or a contrast of extremes; or the interplay of warm and cool hues.

Concerned only with capturing the essence rather than the physical reality of the scene, my work is largely impressionistic in inspiration with the occasional foray into “abstract impressionism”!

All pastel paintings must be matted, glazed and framed.

My abstract work

My mixed media (pastel, watercolor and acrylic) abstract paintings are created on either canvas or archival white card. The pieces on card must be matted, framed and glazed. The paintings on canvas can be framed or hung unframed according to personal taste.

Each piece evolves intuitively through a process of sketching, pastel under-painting, alcohol washes over soft pastel, watercolor and acrylic overlays, and re-application of pastel in, often, many layers.

In most of the mixed media pieces one or more of the following highlights complete the abstract design: gold leaf, black, gold or pearl micas, collage, Indian ink, embedded beads, iridescent acrylics, copper, gold or silver gouache.

MMy abstract paintings are borne of total freedom of expression during the painting process. Each piece is created by the evolving interaction between line, color and texture. This ensures that every piece is entirely original in creation and design.